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There was no logical explanation for the window. There was no magic in the world that would allow such a thing to exist.

And yet it did.

Alice had found it the moment she stepped into her room. It was a bit hard to miss, being the only large round window in the house. It appeared to be a normal window, if now a bit odd for the shape, until the fifteen year old girl looked through it.

The view from that particular window didn't show the forested backyard like all the other windows on that side of the house. Instead, it showed a view from out of a fairy tale. There was a Cinderella-esque village with an elegant pale castle rising on the edge of the horizon.

The first time Alice had seen it, she had stayed frozen in shock for a few moments, convinced it was all an illusion. But no, the people down in the street continued on with their lives, as the most likely did all other days of their year.

It became a regular hobby of hers, watching them. It gave her a chance to escape her own nightmarish life, with all the arguments and yelling and failing grades. Alice was by no means dumb or stupid, but sometimes due to the arguments and yelling, she simply couldn't keep up in school. The school didn't really help. Neither did her nonexistent friends, mainly because they were nonexistent. So in time, she grew to resent that world and those people, who all seemed happier and more content than she was.

After a few weeks of her people-watching, she noticed a boy, who looked her age if not a year or two older, who would stop and stare at her for a few moments before moving on. She couldn't imagine what he saw, nor if she was even visible to the people down there. It became obvious she was when, a few days later, after his period of staring, the boy waved at her. She blinked and waved back slightly, and he smiled before going on his way.

The next day, he not only waved and smiled, but mouthed something to her, most likely a question. Alice didn't understand, so she could do nothing more than wave back and turn away. She slowly taught herself to read people's lips so that she could have a hope of understanding him, if he even spoke English. She didn't look out that window for the entire duration of her learning.

When she looked out a week later, after she felt confident in her ability, he was there. He brightened when he saw her, and mouthed the question again. This time, she understood, him speaking apparently English. She didn't question the fact, she was just glad of it.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Alice." she answered.

The boy frowned, clearly not understanding. She held up one finger, signaling him to wait a moment. She then ran over to her desk and wrote her name on a white sheet of paper with thick black marker. She held the paper up to the window, but his frown deepened and he shook his head.

"Can you come down?" he asked, gesturing with his hands as well, to the spot next to him.

Alice shook her head no sadly. His face fell even more, and he left. She called out after him, but he didn't hear her. She waited, but he didn't come back that day.

He was there two days later and she smiled when she saw him, waving. He smiled and waved back, then motioned for her to step away. She didn't move, confused, until he showed her the rock he had in his hand. She hesitated, but then decided she didn't care if the window was broken and stepped back.

The rock flew straight and true, and the glass shattered. A blinding white light filled the room and pulled her in, and then she was falling. The air whooshed past her and she closed her eyes, waiting for impact. She fell for a few seconds before a pair of strong arms caught her. Her eyes flew open and she looked up into his grinning face.

"Hello." he said, setting her carefully down. His voice had a pleasant lilt to it.

"Hi." she replied, smiling shyly back at him.

"So what's your name? I didn't catch it last time." His grin widened a bit as he said this.

"I'm Alice." she said, not moving from his side.

"Well, Alice, I'm Alexander. You seemed really lonely up there, so would you like to come with me?" Alexander asked.

She blinked. He was surprisingly observant. "Y-Yes..." She looked up at where she'd fallen from, to see an abandoned house with a broken window up at the very top. The streets around her looked bright and colorful and full or life. "Yes, I'd love to go with you." she said, more confidently this time.
Hey guys! Decided it was time to actually post some writing. So (for some older watchers, if you bothered to read it), remember how in a journal long ago I mentioned a story called 'Through the Glass'? Well, this is it, in it's completed and condensed form. I'd lost inspiration to write this, and an opportunity in my school actually convinced me to finish it.
This is my submission to my school's Teen Arts Festival for Creative Writing. I don't know if it will actually get through to the festival yet, but I have my fingers crossed!
Alright, enough of this, comment if you like it~! And see ya!
Until next time, my friends.
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