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Trap (PruCan)
(Hi, sorry, minor language here - f-word used like twice or 3 times - but I didn't wanna put an official warning so there you've been warned!)
"Hi there! How can I help you?"
Gilbert broke off from his conversation with Elizaveta to meet pretty purple eyes. He couldn't help but to stare a little bit. The waitress, Madeline, her tag said, had a lovely round face. Chin-length blond hair framed it, waving slightly. Part of it was tied back behind her head, and one flyaway strand looped in front of her face. It bobbed softly as she breathed. Round glasses perched on her straight nose, and those violet eyes twinkled behind them. She wore a short red dress, with little black bows and buttons as accents, and matching red heels. Black stockings hugged her thin legs.
Elizaveta just rolled her eyes and elbowed her companion. "I'm sorry for him. Table for two?"
"Right this way." Madeline giggled, hiding her mirth behind a delicate hand, then turned around and led them to the back of the café
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Little Boy in a Tower (USUK)
There was once a little boy trapped in a tower. His name was Arthur. That was all he knew. He didn't know how he got there, or why, only his name and that he couldn't leave. There were no doors in that tower, and a jump from the window would surely kill him. He didn't try. It was lonely for him, but deep in the forest that he was, no one ever came around to see him.
The tower was old. About fifteen meters high, the stones large and covered in moss around the base. There was only one window, but it was big and facing north. That ensured Arthur got plenty of sunlight, but the sun never really shone directly into his room. The tower was situated in a small clearing in the forest, with about ten meters from the base of the tower to the forest on all sides. Scattered around the edge of the forest were small, smooth stones, but Arthur had no idea what they were there for or what they did, and after a few years he lost interest in finding out.
It was also a magic tower that he was trapped in.
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Lighting the Fire (USUK)
Before heading out, Alfred double and then triple checked the address of the location the fire alarm had sounded from. Yup. It was the same place as last week, and the week before that, and two weeks before that... It went on and on, and in the past six months, Alfred and his fire crew had been at that particular apartment over fifteen times. They were all counting. By this point Alfred was amused, amazed, and concerned.
"Come on, Alfred!" Gilbert, a firefighter about sixteen years younger than Alfred, called. "Artie's waiting for you!"
The forty-five year old man shook his head and followed the younger out to the trucks. He had no idea when that stupid theory had started, but by now nearly the entire crew was convinced that Arthur Kirkland set fire to his apartment on a regular basis just so he could see Alfred. Alfred was sure that it was Gilbert's doing.
A minute later they were all in the fire engine and on the road. As captain, Alfred rode shotgun and started going over the mental
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Aeronauts are a Danger to Gardens (USUK)
"Dude, watch out!"
Arthur looked up from his gardening, then promptly hurled himself forwards. The hot air balloon basket passed harmlessly through the space where his head had been before the entire contraption crashed right into Arthur's garden. The man inside had ducked down for impact, and the colorful envelope fluttered down with grace to cover the rose bushes.
"What the-"
"Sorry about that!"
The man popped up again, a smile on his face. The smile was the only thing Arthur could see, for the stranger was wearing an old-style aviator helmet and goggles. He seemed young, in any case. Then he was removing the helmet. Blond hair was ruffled up, and when he looked up again, his eyes were blue.
Arthur tried again. "What the bloody hell are you doing?"
"Uh, I just landed."
"In my garden!"
The pilot chuckled. "Yeah, sorry about that. You can't really control where these things go, y'know?"
"No, I don't," Arthur replied flatly. "You've ruined my flowers. Who the hell are you anyway?
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Full Circle (FrUK)
Arthur only ever came out of his little hole when it was absolutely necessary. The hole was well-hidden, too, so the Frenchman human that owned the house didn't know of its existence, or of Arthur's. It was more of a crack, really, in the farthest corner of the kitchen. The little blond man came out only at night, when it was safe.
He was about five and a half inches tall, with messy hair and green eyes. He'd been living in this particular house for almost two years now and he hadn't been noticed yet, so he felt good about himself. The food was good, and he saw no reason to leave.
But lately, in the past two days, the human seemed sick. He barely left his bed, and even when he was up, Arthur noticed that he lacked his usual vigor. That worked in Arthur's favor; he was able to go out a little more, and he grew bolder. He didn't hide quite as much, and he didn't bother to mask his steps- at least when he was in the kitchen and living room. That night he was in the human's bedroom, quietl
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Just Taking it Easy (USUK)
Arthur Kirkland felt it was perfectly reasonable for him to worry at a time like this. He was 45, and while some would say it wasn't too old, the Brit knew perfectly well what sort of looks he was getting. The girl serving him was a mere 23, for God's sake. And he'd received enough pitying looks from her for now, thank you very much.
He'd been seated at that little café for about half an hour now, and with each passing moment he was getting more and more convinced that his date wasn't going to show up. At the very strong urging of his friends he'd finally caved and allowed them to make him a profile on a dating site for middle-aged and older people. Which led to this situation, and an empty chair reserved for one Alfred F. Jones. Supposedly.
Call him very old, but Arthur didn't really believe that most people were being truthful on online dating sites. Everyone just wanted to be matched with someone, right? So it was obvious they would...enhance their lives to make them loo
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Mature content
Not So Little Mermaid (USUK) Extras 3, 4, and 5 :iconprotokol-rose:Protokol-Rose 14 7
Mature content
Not So Little Mermaid (USUK) Extra 2 :iconprotokol-rose:Protokol-Rose 15 5
Mature content
Not So Little Mermaid (USUK) Extra 1 :iconprotokol-rose:Protokol-Rose 15 5
Not So Little Mermaid (USUK) Ch. 22
Arthur only stirred a little at first, but then frowned gently at the cold, his eyes cracking open. "Alfred?" he mumbled.
The merman whimpered more, seeming not to have noticed that the Brit was awake.
Arthur blinked, brow furrowing more and a hand coming up to the merman's cheek. "Alfred, what is it?" He was wide awake by then, and as he shook the sleep off of his mind, his heart hammered. He didn't understand what was going on yet, but whatever it was he didn't like it.
"Ah-!" Alfred looked at him, eyes wide, and then dropped his gaze. "N-No, nothing... Sorry for waking you." He couldn't face him, not after a dream like that. Moreover, he felt incredibly guilty for waking Arthur up because of it. He was mentally cursing himself for not being more quiet and forcing down the sniffles that threatened to burst from his mouth.
"Alfred... Alfred, what's wrong?" Arthur whispered, tilting Alfred's chin up.
"I... I just had a bad dream," Alfred whispered, still looking down. "Don't worry..."
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Mature content
Not So Little Mermaid (USUK) Ch. 21 :iconprotokol-rose:Protokol-Rose 12 4
Mature content
Not So Little Mermaid (USUK) Ch. 20 :iconprotokol-rose:Protokol-Rose 15 22
Not So Little Mermaid (USUK) Ch. 19
"Well, I'll be back in a moment, then," he said bending down to give Alfred a quick kiss.
"Okay, see you in a bit!"
Smiling gently, Arthur headed off to open the door to Matthew, Gilbert, and Fritz.
"Hello, Arthur," Matthew said with a smile.
"Sup, Artie?" Gilbert grinned at him. "Finally ready to start?"
"Of course I'm ready," Arthur said, frowning slightly as he nodded his greetings. "We've been waiting on you."
The German simply continued smiling. "Sure, Kirkland."
"Well we have," Arthur huffed, opening the door so the others could step in and leading them forwards. "This way, then."
Chuckling, Gilbert stepped in. "So where are we eating?"
"Ah, the pool room, of course."
"Awesome. So on the floor or...?"
"Um..." Arthur tilted his head slightly in thought as he walked. "Well, you'll see," he said as he opened the door.
Gilbert's mouth might have dropped open. He regained control of his face a moment later and composed it, though he did allow an eyebrow to arch elegantly. "You set thi
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Mature content
Not So Little Mermaid (USUK) Ch. 18 :iconprotokol-rose:Protokol-Rose 16 19
Not So Little Mermaid (USUK) Ch. 17
When Alfred woke again, it was a couple of hours later and Arthur was still asleep. The merman wriggled a tiny bit and watched him with a content face. Then, when Arthur did eventually stir, he gave the man a nuzzle.
Arthur's eyes slowly cracked open at the gesture. He blinked, bleary-eyed, up at Alfred for a moment, then wrapped his limbs tightly around the merman. Burying his face into the other's skin, he then gave a content huff.
"Heh, someone's clingy..." Alfred commented as he adjusted his grip around Arthur accordingly.
"M'not," Arthur mumbled, as he clung all the tighter to the merman.
"Oh of course not," Alfred teased, kissing his cheek.
"I'm not!" Arthur cried again, voice muffled by Alfred's skin.
"Heh..." The merman only kissed him more.
Mewling softly, Arthur leaned into the touches, snuggling closer to the other.
Alfred's eyes widened. "Wh- What are those noises?" he asked with a small laugh. He'd heard those noises while watching a television program about rescuing anima
:iconprotokol-rose:Protokol-Rose 21 4
Not So Little Mermaid (USUK) Ch. 16
And with a nod and a soft smile back, they were off. True to his word, Arthur took them through the hall to the kitchen first, to make some food.
"Are you sure there's nothing in particular you want?" The Brit asked as he looked through the cupboards.
Alfred was looking around him in awe, taking in all the sights. "Just not fish!" He had developed a slight dislike for them now that he knew there was so much other variety. "Your house is so pretty, Artie!"
"Heh, you haven't even seen all of it," Arthur replied with a small smile, inspecting a few packets from the cupboard before deciding on pasta (nice and easy), and put it on to boil.
"But even this is so pretty!"
Smiling happily to himself, Arthur hummed softly, then spun to lean on the counter so he faced the merman. "Well... Thank you. I'm glad you think so - it's your house too, after all."
Alfred's eyes widened and his breath caught. "It... It is?"
"Alfred..." Arthur tilted his head, then let out a gentle sigh. "You live here. Thi
:iconprotokol-rose:Protokol-Rose 20 6
I don't really want to do this, but I'm going on a bit of a hiatus for now. I don't know when I'll next post. I'm not in the best of places in my personal life, mentally and emotionally. My motivation to write has just gone down and out the window.

I'll still slowly get through all of the requests and ideas I had, don't think I've forgotten about those, but I just don't know when they'll be ready and I don't want to keep you guys hanging and waiting for something that's just not coming yet.

Thanks for understanding~ ^-^


United Kingdom
Hey there! I'm a Polish person born in the US and currently living and studying Creative Writing in the UK. I'm mostly here for writing (can't draw for my life, except horses) and I might put up some photographs I took a while back.

I love horseback riding, reading, writing, and anime. I've been riding for about ten and a half years. I've always loved books, and I started writing a long time ago, back when I was 13. My favorite genres are Fantasy, Magic Realism, and Historical Fiction. I got into anime when I was around 14, and my unparallelled favorite is Hetalia. I also really like Tiger & Bunny and Haikyuu!!, though I won't really be writing for them.

My amazing partner: :iconblack--gold:

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